rumple2This was commissioned by the Belgrade Theatre Coventry for production on the Main Stage in April 2003. The aim was to create a dynamic unusual adaptation, influenced by comics, animation and Tim Burton movies. It was directed by Miltos Yerolemou.

In a strange city, Jemima and her father arrive to take over a ruined mill. But why are there footprints on the ceiling and why do groans come from under the floor? And why are their dreams full of goblins, shadows and gold? Then Jemima is imprisoned and her father threatened, unless, magically, she can spin straw into gold. So she unlocks a door and lets out a strange, wild creature who offers to help. But why does he want a human baby in return? Can he be trusted or not? Jemima and her father must travel deep under the ground, encountering goblins and monsters to find out. And at the end of the journey is a deadly guessing game.

6 characters. M4/F2 +extras. Performed by 7 or 8 actors with doubling.