I’m currently in the process of establishing myself as a writer of fiction, having completed an MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University in 2012 where I was taught by the late, greatly missed writer, Graham Joyce.
Since then I’ve completed my first full length adult novel, Black Annis, based on the Leicestershire legend of a cannibalistic witch who eats children and wears their skins as a skirt. I’m currently trying to place that with a publisher, find an agent and at the same time write short fiction and submit it to a variety of publishers.

Published short fiction:

‘The Well Wisher’ in Respectable Horror from Fox Spirit
‘What We Caught in September’ in Elemental Foundations from Zimbell House Publishing
‘Small Sacrifices’ in The Last Diner from Knightwatch Press.
‘Purgatory Junction’ and ‘Chalk Marks’ in Microtext One from Medusa’s Laugh Press.
‘The Samson Museum’ in The Little Magazine of Magnificent Monsters from The Were-Traveller.
‘March Hays’ in Death’s Realm from Grey Matter Press.
‘The Snout’ in Strangely Funny 2½ from Mystery and Horror, LCC.
‘Joe and the Dead’ in Zombies in Japan from Dreamscape Press.
‘The Vessel’ won 1st prize in the 6th Great Lake Drabble Contest from Alban Lake Publishing

Where these are available the title is a link to somewhere you can buy the book.

As much as anything I want the blog on the site to be a record of my progress in trying to become a ‘proper’ writer, both for my own sake and as a source of information for other people wanting to do the same thing.

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