Ant Farm


This was originally written for the Leicester Haymarket Youth Theatre 7-11yr old group in 1998. It has had two further productions by other youth theatres since then.

Lonely Jo is a dreamer. Unhappy at home and picked on at school, she desperately wants a pet, preferably something big like a lion! But her stepmother won’t hear of it so Jo decides to get lots of little pets: she sends away for an ant farm.

In the ant farm the ants lead a completely controlled and regimented life. Except for one ant, Cris who longs to be different.

While Jo is trying to fit in with everyone else at school, Cris seizes an opportunity for escape. Their two stories intertwine in a funny, lively play with original music.

The play is designed to be performed either on a split set, so that the big and small world can be shown simultaneously; or in a more fluid way with one set used for both worlds.

18 characters: m11/f7 + extras. (Many parts can easily be played by either sex and can be doubled.)